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Here comes the sun: Austin pushes for solar energy

The city of Austin hopes to lead the country in renewable energy and after its city council approved a contract to build the city’s largest solar power facility in 2020, it is well on its way to do so.


Common Misconceptions About Service Dogs

It’s more than likely you’ve run into a service animal before. But when it comes to these hard-working heroes, there’s a lot that people don’t know.

IMG_9189 (2).jpg

More than man's best friend:  How Service, Therapy and Emotional Assistance Animals Help Their Humans

Walk into a store, visit a hospital or dine at a restaurant and it’s likely one will run into a service animal, hard at work for their handler. 



Growing a platform with over 40,000 followers in just six months, Elizabeth's presence on TikTok has led to multiple viral videos, brand deals with publishing houses, and a highly successful collaborative web series inspired by the hit YA book series "A Court of Thorns and Roses." With a mix of pop culture content, original segment series, and witty humor, Elizabeth's digital content consistently brings in high levels of engagement, while continuing to build on a strong platform. Check out some of Elizabeth's most popular digital content on TikTok below.

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Keeping Up with the Coven

Keeping Up With the Coven is a limited web series created, produced, and written by Elizabeth Smith. KUWTC follows young witch Calliope Proctor and her coven as she navigates the art of vlogging and gives the outside world an intimate look at the private life of the world's most talented witches. Below are episodes one, four and five of Calliope's adventures.

Episode One: Calliope introduces herself, explains why she's started vlogging, and shares her opinions on Circe. She also gives a quick overview of the members of her coven and boyfriend Kevin.

Episode Four: Calliope and Kevin combine the boyfriend does my makeup and boyfriend tag challenges. Kevin does not understand makeup.

Episode Five: Calliope asks Lily to teach her viewers the easiest way to perform a DIY vegan necromancy, and they gets a little more than they bargained for.